Heel strike

The basis of walking is the “heel strike” heel landing. After stepping out, the foot first lands slightly outward from the heel, from there the weight shifts to the middle of the foot, moving from the base of the little toe to the base of the thumb, and finally kicking out around the thumb is the sequence of steps.

To begin walking correctly, it is important to have good posture. To maintain correct posture, the head should be positioned straight above the spine. It is easier to correct your posture by pulling your upper body up, looking slightly upward and pulling your chin back. At that time, the center of gravity should be on the heels, not the toes, to improve the forward slouch seen in many people.

When starting to walk, be aware that the front foot should be placed on the heel and the back foot should be kicked out firmly with the big toe (thumb). This alone will naturally straighten the back, extend the knees, and help you walk without fatigue.