I read organizational psychologist Adam Grand’s GIVE & TAKE “Givers” are the ones who succeed.

A giver is someone who gives generously. A TAKER is a person who puts his or her own interests first. A matcher, someone who balances profit and loss. The percentages are (25%), TAKER (19%), and MATCHER (56%).

In terms of society, the GIVER (givers) are at the top (1st place) and the TAKER (takers) are at the bottom (4th place), the MATCHER (those who balance give and take) are at the 3rd place, and the GIVER (those who balance give and take) are at the 2nd place. The GIVERs (givers) seem to be at the extremes, with some succeeding (No. 1) and others, unfortunately, being exploited by the TAKERs (takers) (No. 4).