Elderly people and fall accidents

In our country, the population of the elderly is growing rapidly. And there are many healthy elderly people. Their concern is the onset of disease. They are concerned about cancer and cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.). Cancer is creeping up on them in secret, and vascular disorders such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction strike suddenly. In fact, however, accidents involving falls are also a factor that worsen the prognosis for the elderly. Compared to younger people, the elderly are more likely to suffer serious injuries when they fall. This is because when they fall, they are unable to do a double take and prevent serious injury. In other words, reflexes are declining with age, even in elderly people who are healthy by day. Hence, a fall can result in serious injury. If they have to stay in bed for a short period of time, they can rapidly lose muscle strength or develop phlegm retention, which can lead to serious illnesses in a short period of time. A fall can become a fatal condition. Elderly people are not very aware of this. This is especially true for the elderly who are in good health. They think they are fine.

 As shown in the commercial, when a person falls and is unconscious, the Apple watch will ask the person carrying it if he or she is okay, and if there is no response, the Apple watch will contact the emergency medical team. It’s a great feature. It’s a great feature. I encourage my patients to wear the Apple watch, and there have been people who have been saved by the emergency services because of it.

 I also wear Apple watch, and when I slip and fall while trekking down a mountain, I get a message from Apple watch asking me if I am okay. Since I only slipped, I responded that I was fine and an ambulance was not called. I have incidentally set it up so that calls in such cases are not only made to the emergency services, but also to my wife and two children’s phones.

Apple watch also has an electrocardiogram function, which can diagnose whether the cause of palpitations is arrhythmia, and whether the type of arrhythmia is just extrasystole or atrial fibrillation. It is a very wonderful function.

 It is a waste not to use these useful tools in the world. I recommend it especially for the elderly.