Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases

While the number of cancer patients continues to increase against the backdrop of an aging population, cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy, has made remarkable progress, and cancer is no longer an incurable disease but is now expected to be cured. We are now living in an era in which cancer is no longer incurable, but can be cured. In relation to the relationship between cancer chemotherapy and cardiovascular diseases, cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines has long been well known, and in recent years, cardiovascular side effects and complications caused by various molecular targeted drugs have become a major problem. Cardiovascular side effects are sometimes fatal in themselves, and the interruption of treatment due to side effects is becoming a factor that significantly reduces the prognosis and quality of life of cancer patients. While a history of cardiovascular disease is a factor in cardiovascular complications from anticancer drugs, cancer and prior cancer treatment are important risks for cardiovascular disease. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are now inseparable over the long term.