The ambulance crew

Suddenly at 9:00 p.m. on July 23, my mother, who lives with me, complained of abdominal pain. She was also sweating hea and her abdomen was hard as a board. It was acute abdomen. I called the director of a nearby hospital, but he was unavailable. So I decided to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived immediately and there were three paramedics, including the driver. That was reassuring. When they asked me if I had a family doctor, and I told them that I had called the director of a hospital I knew, but he would not take me, the ambulance crew called that hospital directly. However, the response was that there was a surge of corona patients and there were no beds available for admission. The paramedic called the hospital that was on emergency duty that day, but was told that the public hospital in charge of the case had too many patients to admit at the moment and could not handle the situation. The paramedics made one call after another, and finally found a hospital. It was fortunate that I was taken to a hospital that was well-known in the area. The diagnosis was acute cholecystitis and cholangitis due to cholelithiasis. With proper treatment, I improved within a week. I am truly grateful. I am sure that the rapid increase in coronas has caused a lot of inconvenience to conventional emergency patients and to the paramedics. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the paramedics and the medical staff, including the hospital doctors and nurses, who treated me in the hospital.